How Often Should You Change Your Oil?

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One key to maintaining a reliable Kia vehicle near Delray Beach is scheduling regular oil changes. Thanks to improvements in motor oil and automotive technology, most new vehicles on the road today can go between 7,500 to 10,000 miles between oil changes. For your vehicle’s specifics, be sure to speak with one of the service advisors here at Kia Delray.

Make Sure You Have the Right Oil Change Frequency

An oil change every 7,500 to 10,000 miles is a good baseline, but for many drivers around Boca Raton, there are several other variables that will have an impact. Your personal driving habits are a major factor when it comes to this service. See below for some of the more relevant road conditions and driving habits that may impact the frequency of your need for a Kia oil change:

  • Inclement weather
  • More aggressive driving approach
  • Heavy towing
  • Off-roading or racing
  • Commercial use of your vehicle

How Often Should I Check My Oil Level?

To keep you safe on the roads of Boynton Beach and West Palm Beach, check your oil level on a monthly basis to assess how your particular engine is using oil. This can help alert you to a wide range of problems, including a leak. At the very least, making sure your oil level and quality is properly maintained will help prevent damage to your vehicle and engine block. The color of your oil and the amount of debris within should help you determine if you are in need of a Kia oil change.

Additional Kia Oil Change Recommendations

Our Kia vehicle experts suggest keeping the following in mind when considering how often to change your oil:

  • Your oil filter is an essential part of making your oil reach its full potential. Remember to have your oil filter changed when you get an oil change.
  • Oil will break down whether it’s receiving a lot of use or not. For this reason, experts recommend getting your oil changed twice a year, even if you’re a low-mileage driver.
  • As synthetic oils become more popular for both drivers and manufacturers, you should check your owner’s manual to verify which type of oil is needed. Synthetic oil may be necessary for your vehicle.

Learn More About Vehicle Maintenance at Kia Delray!

Proper maintenance for your vehicle can save you thousands of dollars in repairs, so keeping up with your OEM-recommended service schedule is important. To make sure your Kia oil change is easy and affordable, Kia Delray offers a wide range of service specials. Whether you’re still wondering how often you should change your oil or you’re ready to schedule an appointment, contact Kia Delray today for more information. We can also help you learn more about other areas of Kia vehicle maintenance, including checking your tire tread depthKia key fob tricks, and diagnosing dashboard warning lights.

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