Value Your Trade

Whether you’re looking to trade in your used car for a new Kia or simply have an extra vehicle in your driveway that’s not seeing much use these days, Kia Delray will buy your car! Not only that, but your used car is probably worth more than you think, especially at the current time. There are a number of reasons for this, but the main explanation, as U.S. News notes, has to do with an industry-wide shortage of new cars, coupled with the fact that more people are moving away from public transit and looking to own their own car. With supply being low and demand being high, you’re sure to get top dollar for your used car here at Kia Delray! Find out how much your used car could be worth using our CarFax trade-in value calculator today.

Value Your Trade-In Just a Few Clicks!

Are you searching for a new Kia or used car for sale near Boca Raton? Trading in your current vehicle is a quick way to make your next purchase easier and more rewarding. The team at Kia Delray aims to make this process as simple as possible with our handy tool. Estimate the market value of your car, courtesy of our easy-to-use trade-in value estimator. Kia Delray in Delray Beach will help you put its cash value toward your next car purchase or lease! In the correct fields, enter some information about your car, such as its make, model, and VIN, and you’ll receive a value estimate. When you bring your car to our Delray Beach dealership, we’ll help you put the cash value of your car toward your next purchase. It’s that easy!

What Are the Benefits of Trading in a Car?

There are several advantages to trading in a car, including:

  • You’ll reap the benefits of selling your car without any of the associated hassles. There’s no need to advertise your car, screen prospective buyers in the Boynton Beach area, or negotiate. Our dealership will handle the hard parts!
  • Trading in a car is fast and convenient. Simply use our trade-in tool to submit your car’s information and attach a couple of photos, and we’ll handle the rest.
  • If you own your car, you can apply the money you’ll get from the trade-in deal to the lease or finance plan attached to your next car.

Get Started Today with Kia Delray!

Do you have more questions about how our trade-in value estimator works? Contact us online or give us a call at 561-414-2978. We can help you through the process of trading in a vehicle. Then, we’ll happily introduce you to our new and used inventories, so you can drive home to West Palm Beach in your dream car!